What Are Tools Needed to Repair a Shed Roof?


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When repairing a roof, opt for the best solution of replacing the padding and shingles. The tools and equipment required to accomplish this task are an extension ladder for reaching the roof, a pry bar for removing shingles, a utility knife for cutting into the roofing felt, roofing nails, and a hammer to nail down the three-tab shingles.

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What Are Tools Needed to Repair a Shed Roof?
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Use the extension ladder for reaching the shingles. Make sure to place it at a 75-1/2 degree angle against the shed and on solid ground. After securing a solid foundation, use a pry bar to remove the shingles. To use the pry bar, start at the top of the roof, place the pry bar underneath the shingle and push downwards. This causes the pry bar to lift the shingle and nails in one fluid motion. Remove any remaining nails with a hammer.

After removing the shingles and nails, place the roofing felt on top of the bare roof for insulation. Position the felt at the bottom left hand corner of the roof. Unroll the felt, and securely nail it down using the hammer and roofing nails. Then use the utility knife to cut the excess felt. With the remaining felt, repeat the process for more insulation.

The next step is to nail the three-tab down, starting at the bottom edge of the roof where it should extend roughly one-fourth of an inch past the edge. Repeat this process on both sides until the roof is completely covered. Each three-tab shingle requires four to six nails in order to tightly secure it.

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