What Tools Are Needed for Plastering?

In general, the tools needed for a plastering job are a trowel, hawk, jointing knife, and a sponge or sandpaper. Another tool needed for plastering is a utility knife or scissors.

A trowel is an essential plastering tool that is used to smooth out plaster after it has been applied to the wall. In addition to smoothing, a trowel also helps flatten the plaster down over the area that is being plastered. To obtain a uniform finish while plastering, the trowel used must have a clean surface.

A hawk is a tool used to transport plaster along the area of a wall that is being plastered. A hawk is a better alternative than a bucket or pan for holding plaster because its design allows the trowel to pick up more plaster with one scoop.

After the plaster has been applied, a wet sponge or sandpaper is used to smooth out any unevenness on the plastered area. Sandpaper with a coarse grit is used to smooth out large uneven areas on the plastered wall, whereas sandpaper with a fine grit is used to buff and finish the area after the initial smoothing.

A utility knife is a necessary tool while plastering as it is used to cut plaster tape. Scissors can be used for this purpose as well. A utility knife also helps to square out the edges of holes in damaged walls, to make the areas easier to smooth over.