What Tools Are Needed to Install a Generac Generator?


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You need wrenches, sockets and screwdrivers in order to install a Generac generator. A 4-millimeter Allen wrench enables users to access customer connections on the unit, while a 3/16 Allen wrench is necessary to access the test port on the fuel regulator. A manometer is required for checking the generator's fuel pressure, and a multimeter for testing voltage and frequency on the unit. Generac installation also requires a drill and drill bits for conduit assembly.

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If the Generac generator is crated, it may be necessary to use additional equipment to lift it from the wooden pallet so as not to damage the bottom of the unit. Users can dismantle the crate, bolts and clamps with wrenches and sockets. Generac secures keys to open the generator's lid inside the breaker door.

To prepare a level patch of ground for the generator, it may be necessary to use shovels, rakes and a level. Users may need a wheelbarrow or tarp to transport pea gravel to the prepared location. If you wish to mount the generator on a concrete pad, a concrete mixing bucket is also necessary. Pad preparation also requires the use of a drill to bore mounting holes into the surface of the concrete.

If you wish to convert the Generac to LP vapor fuel, you may need a pair of pliers to force the switch off the factory-installed natural gas setting. To prepare the generator's pipes, users should obtain joint compound or pipe sealant suitable for natural gas fuel piping, and a measuring tape to determine the correct amount of pipe required for the project. Elbow joints are necessary to secure bends in the flexible sections of fuel line.

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