What Tools Are Needed to Install an Electric Cooktop?


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To install an electric cooktop, measuring tape, jigsaw, neon circuit tester, silicone sealant and shims are needed. Double-sided adhesive tape may also be needed before beginning this project. The power to the cooktop should be turned off before starting.

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The old cooktop has to be removed before the new one is installed, which may be a job for two people. If the new cooktop is larger than the older one, the opening needs to be enlarged with a saw, but if it is smaller, shims should be added to the sides of the under-counter. The cut edges should also be sealed with a heat-resistant sealant. This helps to avoid swelling.

To install the new cooktop, spring clips are installed first. The spring clips should hang from the upper edge of the cutout and secured with screws. If the countertops are granite, the spring clips can be attached with double-sided tape, but the edges must be coated with a silicone sealant. With the power off, the power cord should be put through the opening and connected to the power supply.

The new cooktop should then be positioned onto the spring clips and pushed until the clips click. It should be tight on the countertop but not permanently sealed to the countertop. At this point, the power can be restored and the cooktop used.

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