What Tools Are Needed for a Garage Door Spring Replacement?

What Tools Are Needed for a Garage Door Spring Replacement?

Replacing garage door springs requires tools such as winding bars, new springs, rollers, lubricant, safety glasses, vice grips, 7/16- and 9/16-inch wrenches, and a ladder. Since working with torsion springs can pose a danger if not done properly, it is critical that the right tools are used.

Homeowners should purchase new garage door springs from verified and reputable suppliers. Homeowners should also ensure that they purchase the correct size of replacement spring since many stores do not offer returns.

Winding bars or rods usually come with the springs, but they are also available for purchase as separate items. The installer should never use a long screwdriver in place of the winding bars or rods for the winding and unwinding of the spring. Winding rods work as a set in which one clicks into place, turning the spring as the other, in the corresponding hole, prevents uncoiling of the spring.

Garage door rollers should be changed whenever fixing the garage door. Teflon door rollers work safely and effectively and last longer. Garage door lubricant helps extend the life of garage door parts against regular wear and tear.

Safety glasses protect the installer’s eyes in the event the spring breaks or bars explode. Vice grips help keep the tension coil in place while putting back cables into the pulley, and wrenches loosen and tighten the screws. A ladder offers a steady platform to reach high springs.