What Tools Are Needed for Clothes Washer Pump Repair?


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A clothes washer pump repair requires long-nosed pliers, a hammer or pry bar, a heavy blanket or pad, and a screwdriver. A tool or tools is also needed to remove nuts and bolts.

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The first step to troubleshooting a washer pump is to remove the hoses and take out the filters using long-nosed pliers. The filters are then cleaned and replaced, the hoses are reattached, and the machine is tested. If the washer still does not drain, it is drained of any remaining water, tipped front-down onto a heavy pad or blanket, and the service panel is removed.

The hoses into the pump are checked for kinking. If there is no problem with the hoses, the pump is removed and disassembled. All debris in the pump or water tubes is cleaned, the pump is reassembled and replaced, and then the unit is tested. If the machine still doesn't drain or the pump housing cannot be removed, then a new pump is needed.

A new pump is installed by securing it into place and connecting the mounting bolts to the pump housing. The motor is moved into position, and the drive belt is tightened using a hammer or pry bar. The hoses are then reconnected to the pump.

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