What Tools Are Needed to Clean an Air Conditioner Unit?


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Tools needed to clean an air conditioner include 4-in-1 screwdriver, shop vacuum, fin comb, leather gloves and rags. In addition one also needs certain materials including A/C coil cleaner, household cleaner and electric motor oil.

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Fin comb is used to comb out the mats. The comb is inserted into the fin spacing on the coil and pulled up to straighten the fins. The cleaner wears leather gloves to prevent dangerous cuts. The plastic filter holder is first removed by snapping it off. A rag and household cleaner are used to clean fan blades. A fan motor with plastic or rubber-capped oiling ports is popped and squeezed in drops of motor oil.

Air conditioners work optimally when the cooling fins or the condenser and evaporator coils are clean and the fins are straight. Apart from efficiency, regular cleaning and maintenance helps to protect the air conditioner from breakdown. Clogged cooling fins prevent the window and through-the-wall A/C units from blowing the cold air.

Because of high professional cleaning cost, one is advised to do the job himself. Otherwise, he may invoke the services of an expert if the air conditioner fails to work after cleaning. In some cases, he may be required to replace it with a new and efficient conditioner.

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