What Tools Are Needed for Bathroom Fan Installation?


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The tools needed for a bathroom fan installation are a bathroom exhaust fan kit, a handsaw or reciprocal saw and carpentry tools. Some bathroom exhaust fans come with allergen-reducing filters, while others are simple fan-powered vents.

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The first step is finding an area in the bathroom that has a clear route for venting. The most common spaces for installing the bathroom fan are in the ceiling or in the exterior wall of the home. Next, one cuts the hole for mounting the exhaust fan. This is done with a small handsaw or a reciprocal saw.

Using a framing square, one draws a rectangle in the ceiling around the existing hole left by the light fixture. A jig or drywall saw is used to cut a rectangle. The hole should be large enough for the duct. Using screws, the ducting is attached to the vent or fan unit. To secure the duct cup,one applies sealant between the cap and the wall.

To find the space for wiring the exhaust fan, one checks the wiring leading to the main light and follows the wiring schematic that comes with the fan. The final step is testing the bathroom fan. One can do this by turning on the shower and waiting for the fun to run.

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