What Tools Are Needed for Aggregate Driveway Repair?


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Tools needed for aggregate driveway repair include concrete mix, a hose with sprayer attachment, a special tape and a broom. A shovel, work gloves, protective clothing and a trowel are also handy in the project. A mixing stick and concrete sealant may be helpful as well.

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To repair an aggregate driveway, wear appropriate protective gear, and use a broom to clean dirt and debris off the surface of the driveway. Sprinkle a neutral detergent over the surface, and use a hose with sprayer attachment to wash away persistent dirt. Use painters tape to cover and protect decorative areas.

Use a mixing stick to mix the concrete according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Pour the mixture into cracks and depressions with a shovel. Be sure to put enough concrete in the damaged areas and to work on one section at a time. Pry off the tape used to cover areas of decorations to prevent them from hardening into the concrete.

Once you have removed the protective tape, use a trowel to smooth and level out the concrete over the repaired areas, taking care not to cause further damage. Ensure that you even the concrete quickly to prevent it from hardening. Allow the surface to dry. Once it is dry, sweep away any loose aggregate, sealcoat the patches with a concrete sealant, and allow the sealer to dry before using the driveway.

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