What Tools Do You Need to Install a Microwave Into a Cabinet?


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A tape measure and a drill with a 3/16-inch, 3/8-inch and a 2-inch bit are necessary to install a microwave into a cabinet. The fastening hardware, wall template and mounting plate should all be included in the packaging with a newly purchased oven.

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Installing a microwave oven into a cabinet begins with marking the wall studs and the center of the installation area, using a tape measure for precision. Lining up the wall template's center line with the center line on the wall and taping the template into place on the wall and under the cabinet help with accuracy.

Marking the four corner holes and one of the bottom holes that lines up with a wall stud comes next, as the mounting plate must attach into at least one stud for support. Drilling holes into these five circles comes next, using a 3/16-inch bit in a stud for lag screws and a 3/8-inch bit for toggle screws in holes without a stud. Lining the mounting plate against the wall, lining it up with the line in the center and securing the mounting plate in place come next.

Drilling holes with the 3/8-inch bit on the indicated spots template beneath the cabinet and drilling a 2-inch hole for the power cord come next. Lifting the oven with an assistant's help, hanging it on the support tabs and running the power cord through the hole are the next steps. Tightening the screws in the holes in the upper cabinet until the gap disappears completes the job.

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