What Tools Do You Need to Install Metal Roofing?


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Metal roof installations require a jigsaw or power metal shear, a staple gun, a drill and drill bits. Hardware needed includes roofing metal, roofing nails and screws and wood screws. A ladder or scaffolding system allows easy access to the roof.

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What Tools Do You Need to Install Metal Roofing?
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The amount of metal needed for an installation is determined by multiplying the length, width and slope of the roof and adding an extra 10 percent of metal roofing to allow for waste. Metal roofing stains when exposed to moisture, and should be stored in a convenient but protected area.

Metal roofing may be installed over existing roofing, but the roof has a better foundation if the old roofing is removed. If the latter option is chosen, a large bin or trash receptacle is necessary to gather the scrap, and a hammer is needed to remove old nails or pound them flush. Damaged gutter work, plywood sheathing, insulation or ventilation should be repaired before the new roof is installed, and additional materials may be required for those repairs. Additional insulation may be required even if the old insulation is undamaged.

Occasionally, over-tightening displaces rubber grommets, and they need to be replaced. Additional silicone adhesive or sealant may be needed to seal the screws and nails that secure the roof.

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