What Tools Are Necessary for the Installation of Marvin Windows?

Tools necessary for the installation of Marvin windows include a hammer, a level, a square, a tape measure and, in some cases, a drill. Other supplies include shims, sealant, adhesive, flashing and insulation. While all projects require 2-inch nails, fastener types and sizes depend on the particular window selected and the construction of the opening. Marvin Windows and Doors also recommends using safety glasses and hearing protection.

Tools such as the level, square and tape measure ensure the window mounting is safe and even. The shims are also critical to a proper fit and must not be chemically-treated, as those types of wood products damage the surface of clad window frames. All materials require the capability for external use and compatibility with the window surfaces. Marvin Windows and Doors provides detailed information for supplies, offering both the technical specification and the products used to develop installation instructions.

Manufacturers such as OSI and DAP offer appropriate sealants. DuPont supplies asbestos-free flashing in its FlexWrap, Straight Wrap and Tyvek lines. The company also provides weather-resistant barrier systems including Tyvek HomeWrap. Marvin Windows and Doors offers a SillGuard panning system to divert water away from the window frame. Any low-expansion insulating foam and construction-grade adhesives are appropriate.

Mounting fasteners include wood screws, concrete anchors or structural brackets. Jamb and sill screws vary from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches. A single installation requires up to 89 screws. A drill is necessary for instances requiring pre-drilling.