What Tools and Materials Do You Need to Repair a Drywall Ceiling?


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Repairing a hole in a drywall ceiling is fairly simple and requires some materials and tools that are likely already within the home, such as a screwdriver, screws, a patch of drywall and a utility knife. At most, this project requires a short trip to a home improvement store.

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The tools needed to repair a hole in drywall are a pencil, small drywall saw, utility knife, screwdriver, both a 6-inch and 12-inch taping knife and a few sheets of fine silicon-carbide sandpaper. A ladder and tray may be necessary depending on the height of the ceiling. Though not entirely necessary, a stud sensor, gloves, safety glasses and a dust mask are good to have on hand.

The materials needed are construction adhesive, two screws, joint compound, window screening, a 1 by 3-inch piece of wood strapping and a scrap of drywall with the same thickness as the drywall on the ceiling. To finish the project, paint and paint supplies are also needed. This includes a paint roller, paint brush, drop cloth and paint pan.

The scrap of drywall is used as a patch. Thomas Baker from This Old House Magazine suggests cutting the hole to fit the patch rather than cutting the patch to fit the hole. The window screening should be a few inches wider and longer than the patch and the wood strapping should be 6 inches longer than the patch.

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