What Are Some Tools for Cutting Glass Tile?


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Tools generally used to cut glass tile include nippers, which are also called "glass nibblers," wet saws, blades, and glass scoring tools. Several types of saw can be used, including handheld tile saws, tabletop tile saws and overhead tile saws.

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What Are Some Tools for Cutting Glass Tile?
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The size and thickness of the tiles intended to be cut determines what type of tool should be used for the job. Nippers are the original tool used by tile setters universally, and though they are hard to get precise results with, they can be useful for jobs such as cutting small mosaic tiles. Large, straight-edge cuts are achieved with simple glass scoring tools. Wet saws work best for larger tiles as they are the most powerful of these glass-cutting tools. Glass-cutting blades are constructed out of fine diamond chips, which ensures a clean cut, and can be purchased for an average price of $35.

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