What Are Some Tools for Cutting Aluminum?


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Some tools for cutting aluminum include a saw with carbide circular blades, an angle grinder, a plasma torch and metal snips. Use metal snips if the amount of metal to be cut is small, plasma torches for cutting quickly and angle grinders for cutting through grooves.

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When using a saw with a carbide circular blade to cut aluminum, apply sufficient lubricant on the blade to prevent it from getting stuck in the metal, which could cause injury. A circular saw causes sparking of the metal during cutting. The saw can be used for cutting aluminum since the metal is thin.

An angle grinder is similar to a circular saw, can be held in the hand and uses a grinding blade that is heavy instead of a blade meant for cutting. Avoid using the grinder on aluminum panels that are long since the grinder cuts slowly and may wear out. Use the grinder for shearing rough metal edges

Use a plasma torch if frequently cutting aluminum. The torch burns through the metal to cut it. Although expensive, handheld models are particularly useful for efficiently cutting metals that are conductive.

Metal snips combine the features of scissors and pliers and are specifically used for cutting thin metal sheets. However, it takes a long time and plenty of effort to cut aluminum using metal snips.

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