What Are Some Toilets With Built-in Bidets?


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The Kohler Numi and the Toto Washlet with integrated toilet are two toilets with built-in bidets. Both toilets also feature air dryers and heated seats, and they open and close automatically. The Numi also features a built-in music system, with an MP3 player connection and an FM radio.

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The Kohler Numi includes an LCD touchscreen remote so multiple users can customize their toilet and bidet experience. The built-in retractable bidet wand also includes a deodorizer and integrated air dryer. Users choose between a 1.28-gallon flush or a more eco-friendly 0.6-gallon flush. For added comfort, the Numi also features a foot warmer. The manufacturer's suggested retail price was $6,400 when it debuted in 2011.

The Toto Washlet with integrated toilet is similar to the Numi but without the sound system or foot warmer. The bidet features an automatic deodorizer and air purification system, while the high-efficiency toilet includes a dual flush option similar to the Numi. The Toto allows up to two users to customize their settings, including the temperature of the seat and the direction and temperature of the bidet's spray. Unlike the Numi, the user controls the bidet, seat temperature and drying features of the Toto Washlet using a remote control with physical buttons instead of a touchscreen. To inhibit bacterial growth, the Toto Washlet is made from vitreous china with a smooth ceramic glaze.

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