What Is a Toastmaster Convention Oven Used For?


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Toastmaster convection ovens are used in homes, convenience stores and restaurants to cook and prepare a variety of foods, including fish, pizza, pies and muffins, among others. They feature electromechanical controls in addition to thermostat indicator lights, allowing users complete control over food preparation.

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The XO-1N Toastmaster convection oven model has an interior large enough to accommodate up to four half-size sheet pans. The door uses tempered glass with two panes to provide insulation. This model also comes with a micro-switch that is mounted on the front side of the oven. Its purpose is to reduce the loss of heat by stopping the blower wheel whenever the oven door remains open.

The manual provided on the Toastmaster Corp. website advises users to check the recommended temperature for the food product they want to prepare and set the temperature control accordingly. In comparison to the traditional deck and tray ovens, Toastmaster convection ovens reduce the baking times due to the directional pattern of the air flow inside the oven.

As of February 2015, Amazon.com lists several Toastmaster convection ovens, including the TUV48 model, which costs $500, and the TRE36C3M model, which combines an electric range and a convection oven at the cost of $8,791.

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