What Is a Toaster Oven Combination?


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Toaster and oven combinations are small kitchen appliances that have the form of toaster ovens but feature the vertical slots of traditional electric toasters. The advantage of these units is that they combine two small kitchen appliances into a single unit.

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Small kitchen appliance manufacturers, such as Panasonic, Breville, Oster, Hamilton Beach and Waring Pro, produce models of the combination toaster and oven. They range in price, as of 2015, from the cheapest, Hamilton Beach's $40 ensemble Toastation series, to one of the most expensive, the $250 Breville Smart Oven.

The Hamilton Beach series consists of four models: three are Toastation models, while the fourth is the cheaper and smaller ensemble Toastation. Each unit consists of a single toaster slit set on top of a traditional-looking toaster oven. When not in use, the toaster slit closes by means of hinged doors to retain oven heat. Each model is approximately 8.8 inches tall by 16.2 inches wide by 8.5 inches deep.

The Waring Pro toaster oven sets the vertical toaster slits off to the side of the appliance, keeping the oven chamber, measuring an interior of 10.25 inches wide by 10.25 inches deep by 6.75 inches high, self-contained. As of 2015, the model retails for around $100.

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