What Is a Toast-R-Oven?


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A Toast-R-Oven is a brand of toaster oven manufactured by Black & Decker. The Toast-R-Oven allows users to bake, broil or toast at temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, for up to one hour at a time.

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Like most toaster ovens, the Toast-R-Oven combines features of a toaster and an oven, but is much more compact in size than a traditional oven. Because of their compact size, toaster ovens also use less power. In addition to being able to toast various types of breads, toaster ovens can also bake and broil in very much the same way that a regular-sized oven does. Because of their compact size, however, toaster ovens have a much smaller capacity.

Toaster ovens are ideal for compact spaces and are great for cooking small meals, snacks or for re-heating leftovers. They are also a good choice for preserving texture when re-heating foods that may not fare so well in a microwave. Toaster oven technology has increased significantly in recent years, facilitating recipes intended exclusively for toaster ovens as well as toaster oven cookbooks. Toaster ovens can be purchased at virtually any store that sells countertop appliances. The Toast-R-Oven can be purchased from the Black & Decker website or at retailers that carry the Black and Decker line of appliances.

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