How Do You Find Titanium Chopsticks?


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Titanium chopsticks are sold by several companies, including White Rabbit Japan, Unique Titanium, HisPotion and AliExpress. As of August 2014, titanium chopsticks range in price from $12.99 for titanium alloy chopsticks up to $295 for a set of four solid titanium varieties with a triangular, futuristic shape. Companies that make titanium chopsticks tout the utensil's simplistic design with rugged materials that make the chopsticks lighter than stainless steel.

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White Rabbit Japan exports items from Japan and markets titanium chopsticks in several ways. The utensils have antibacterial properties since germs cannot soak into titanium, unlike the case with wooden chopsticks. The metal is dishwasher safe and rust-resistant, so the chopsticks can be sterilized with each wash. Titanium does not leave behind a taste or odor. Hollow titanium chopsticks are strong and even lighter because fewer materials go into making them, and their weight comes in at just 0.33 ounces.

Some chopsticks have grooves in them for easier handling without slippage. Other models have hollow points near the grip so fingers can press into the chopsticks to prevent dropping the utensils. Titanium chopsticks often have their own carrying case for easy storage.

The earliest known chopsticks date back to 1200 B.C., and the utensils gained widespread popularity as Chinese chefs made smaller bits of food due to population explosions in the country. Disposable chopsticks were invented in 1878 in Japan, notes History.com. The richest citizens used silver chopsticks.

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