What Are Some Tips for Do-It-Yourself Roofing?

What Are Some Tips for Do-It-Yourself Roofing?

Tips for do-it-yourself roofing include taking the proper safety precautions, preventing dry rot, ensuring the roof is properly ventilated and checking the valleys of the roof. Homeowners should also make sure they don't forget their roof boots, which are found where the roof fence lifts and where leaks can occur if the boot is allowed to dry up.

Safety measures to take when working on a roof include wearing shoes with rubber soles to maintain a strong grip on the roof, working with a companion and wearing a harness.

The installation of a roof ridge soffit vent can prevent rotting. The homeowner can drill holes into the vent to ensure the proper flow of cool and hot air into and out of the vent. Insufficient ventilation can cause the roof's plywood to break down.

By checking the valleys of the roof, a homeowner can prevent leaks. Valleys occur at the intersections of roof planes, where a majority of the water on a roof naturally gathers. While checking the valleys, homeowners should also inspect their shingles to ensure they have been properly installed and that the nails in them haven't started to push up.

While on the roof, homeowners should clean their gutters to reduce the chance of leaks from ice and water buildup.