What Are Some Tips for a Wood Router Table Construction?


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Some tips for wood router table construction include using lumber to make the frame and plywood for the top of the table, ensuring that the top of the table is smooth, using several wood layers to create the top, and installing a fence made of a good quality wood on it. In addition, be sure that the table is of an adequate size and is accessible from beneath.

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To make the frame of a wood router table, use 2-by-4 lumber cut to the required size. Make sure that the table has a minimum height of 32 inches with a top measuring 24 inches in length and breadth.

To make the legs of the table, make a box-like structure using lumber, or use an existing box, chest or cabinet of the required height. This kind of construction allows the top to be accessed from the bottom, which is required for installing the router under the table's top.

As an alternative to plywood, use particle board for the table's top. Sand the top to make it smooth. Glue a piece of laminate over the top to allow the wood to slide easily over the surface. Since the router table undergoes plenty of wear and tear, use several wood layers glued together for creating a strong top.

Attach a fence made of wood to the top of the router table, while ensuring that it sits flush with the router bit to improve control when working with small molding pieces at the table. Use Russian birch to make the fence core.

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