What Are Some Tips for Winterizing a House?


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Tips for winterizing a house include wrapping windows in plastic or bubblewrap, installing or replacing weather stripping, and wrapping an insulating blanket around a water heater. Other simple ways to cut heating costs include planting evergreen trees to serve as a wind break, positioning furniture beneath heating vents and installing a permanent furnace filter.

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There are numerous ways to winterize a household that allow for more efficient heating and insulation. Minimizing heat loss by placing a draft snake beneath a door can reduce overall heating costs by between five and 30 percent. Caulking and repairing cracks in door and window frames provides even greater heat retention.

Reversing the direction of a ceiling fan is a simple way to redistribute warm air that may be pooling along ceilings. Reducing the temperature setting of a thermostat alleviates demand placed on furnaces and heaters, and lowering water heater settings can further reduce utility costs. Placing a portable fan near a fixed radiator can provide better heat for rooms and areas, while closing doors to empty rooms ensures that heating systems are not wasting energy. Less common tips include hanging a blanket or thick curtain behind doors, opening curtains to optimize direct sunlight and timing meal preparation to take advantage of the heat produced by cooking.

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