What Are Some Tips for Window Repair for the Home?


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Some tips for home window repair include using durable epoxy on wooden frames and sills as well as weather stripping the windows. Sealing punctures on windows when they occur and replacing broken window panes helps restore a home’s windows.

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What Are Some Tips for Window Repair for the Home?
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Rather than rebuilding a wooden home window due to rot in some sections, apply liquid epoxy, or car body filler, which when cured, forms a hard surface that lasts for many years. Sand the surface before it dries up completely for a smooth finish, and paint it to match the rest of the window. By restoring holes in the windowsills with the body filler, a homeowner makes significant savings in comparison to the cost of a window rebuild, according to Houselogic.

Weather-stripping windows helps to seal gaps and prevent air and thermal leaks, which helps lower energy costs. Weather stripping materials include adhesive foam and spring bronze V-strips that bridge gaps in sliding windows.

Another tip is to caulk punctures on aluminum windows to ward off moisture damage on the wooden holding structure. Tighten sashes to eliminate loose sections on the window that would let air in or out of the house.

To replace cracked window panes, apply some linseed oil on the dried putty to soften it prior to scrapping it off. Use a putty knife to pry the vinyl stop on vinyl window to replace the glass. Free the cracked glass on an aluminum window by removing the rubber gasket and metal strip holding it in place. Use silicone seals to secure the glass on vinyl windows.

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