What Are Some Tips for Washing Venetian Blinds?

What Are Some Tips for Washing Venetian Blinds?

Tips for washing Venetian blinds include gathering the proper supplies, scrubbing carefully and rinsing completely. You can was Venetian blinds inside in the bathtub or outdoors on a tarp spread across the ground or driveway.

Gather all the necessary supplies to make the cleaning process quicker and smoother. Outdoor washing requires a bucket, a mop or scrub brush, towels, cleaning solution and a water hose. Washing blinds in the bathtub requires only the cleaning solution, towels and scrub brush.

Choose a cleaning product designed to work on the material the blinds are made of. Car wash liquid, dish soap and vinyl cleaners are good options. Laundry detergent is another choice for washing blinds.

Lay the blinds on the tarp or place them in the bathtub with five inches of warm water and cleaning solution. For outdoor cleaning, dip the mop or scrub brush into the bucket with a four-to-one mixture of water and cleaner. Use a soft scrub brush or sponge mop to prevent damage to the blinds. Scrub both sides of the blinds, the sides of the tapes and the rods carefully.

Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap and prevent accumulation of dirt. Outside, use the water hose to rinse both sides of the Venetian blinds. Inside, drain the tub and rinse the blinds with the shower head. Dry the blinds with towels, and allow them to fully dry before hanging again.