What Are Some Tips for Washing a Mobile Home?


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To wash a mobile home, inspect it on the outside, and determine which spots have to be washed more thoroughly. Remove everything that might get in the way of washing the mobile home. Clean the dirtiest areas first, and then clean the walls, steps, deck and the door using a pressure washer. Finish by cleaning the windows on both inside and outside.

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Typically, areas under the eaves or around the windows have the most dirt on them. When cleaning these areas, use a scrubbing brush attached to a long pole. Apply some bleach solution onto the spots, it helps the dirt to come off faster. When using a pressure washer, it is best to use a broad, fan-shaped spray.

Adjust the level of pressure accordingly, it should clean the area, but not damage it. Keep the sprayer about 1 foot to 18 inches away from the walls. Start spraying at the top of the walls, and move downwards. When cleaning the steps using a pressure washer, make sure that you don't splash the dirty water onto the walls of the mobile home, as they are going to be clean by that time.

When cleaning the door, don't forget to clean the hardware. Wash the window in the door with a paper towel and some vinegar. Use soap and water to clean the windows of the mobile home.

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