What Are Some Tips for Viper Wiring Installation?


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Tips for Viper wiring installation include keeping wires as organized as possible and taking care to avoid electrical shorts. Accomplish this by immediately connecting all wires and harnesses and separating them from wires not being used. Tape these wires together to avoid accidentally connecting them and shorting out the system.

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After attaching the wires and harnesses, connect the harnesses to their corresponding translator boxes. Remove vehicle trim panels and connect the ground wire, power wire and GPS antenna. Replace the vehicle trim panels and test the Viper system to ensure it is fully functioning.

Viper is a remote starter and security system. It is equipped with technology that makes it impossible for a thief to hotwire the car. Its dual-stage shock sensor activates in the event of a break-in, causing a chirping siren to activate at deafening levels. Each unit contains keychain fobs that can activate the remote starter or deactivate the security system from 1,500 feet to 1/4 mile away, depending on the Viper model. Viper also offers a SmartStart service plan that includes around-the-clock roadside assistance and SmartPark, a feature that remembers where the vehicle is parked and has the ability to send directions to the car if necessary.

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