What Are Some Tips for Venting a Bathroom to the Outside?


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It's possible to vent a bathroom to the outside through a wall, through the roof or directly through an exterior wall. The best way to vent a bathroom depends on the room's location.

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Using a bathroom exhaust fan allows homeowners to reduce the risk of mold. Depending on where the bathroom is, it's sometimes possible to vent it through the roof. However, construction workers like to avoid cutting into roofs, as doing so can increase the risk of moisture building inside the property, which causes further mold problems in itself. As such, venting through the roof is usually a last resort.

The optimal way to vent to the outside is to place an extractor fan that enters into the wall. If the bathroom is next to an exterior wall, the ductwork is simple. However, those that are far away from a wall require more complex fittings. One of the benefits of using wall over a roof opening is that leaks and mold are less likely.

A final alternative is to vent through an exterior wall. This option involves a lot of routing, and usually requires extra electrical rewiring. As such, it isn't popular among those refurbishing their homes. One exception is when it's necessary to refit a bathroom entirely, as this process usually involves electrical refitting anyway.

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