What Are Some Tips for Using a Vinyl Floor Sealer?


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To seal a vinyl floor, clean the floor, let it dry and use a clean sponge mop to spread the sealer on the floor. Apply the sealer evenly, and apply additional coats, if desired, allowing time for drying in between applications.

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Preparing the floor prior to sealing it with vinyl floor sealer is important. Sweep and mop the floor prior to applying the sealant. Allow the floor to dry, and then fill a paint pan with your chosen vinyl sealer. There are several options from which you can choose, including high-gloss, gloss and matte sealers.

Using a clean sponge mop, apply the vinyl floor sealer to the floor in a thin coat. Avoid leaving puddles. Apply the sealer evenly, and allow 30 minutes for the sealer to dry before adding an additional coat if desired. Allow 30 minutes between each subsequent coat. Although one or two coats are generally sufficient, you may want to apply another coat or two in areas that see heavy foot traffic.

After applying the final coat, allow the floor to dry for four or five hours, and then move the furniture back into the room. Seal a new vinyl floor, and then reseal it every few years when it starts to become dull. High-traffic locations may require more frequent sealing.

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