What Are Some Tips for Using a Table Saw?


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When working with a table saw, ask somebody to help you if the saw you are using is not one of the most expensive ones. More affordable saws are relatively small and portable, which means that they may not have enough weight to stay stable if a long piece of wood is coming out the other side. This can result in a table saw tripping over, which is dangerous. A helper can hold the long piece that is coming out.

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If there is nobody to help when you are working with long pieces of wood, obtain one or two telescopic roller stands, and connect them to the table saw in a way that the piece of wood that is coming out of the saw is supported by the stands. Make sure that the stands are positioned at the correct height and angle. If you need to cut many thin sheets of paneling or other material, construct a temporary table to support the sheets. Be careful not to cut off the access to emergency features of the saw, such as the emergency shut off, when setting up the stands.

If you need to cut a thick piece of dense material, such as metal, don't try to cut the entire piece at once. Make multiple small cuts, making the cut deeper each time. If the saw has holes for secure attachment to work surfaces, use them, as the saw will cut more accurately and safely if it is attached to a stable surface.

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