What Are Some Tips for Using Stainless Steel Baking Sheets?


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Some tips for using stainless steel baking sheets are to keep them dry, treat them regularly with salt and wash them with a vinegar solution when white spots appear to prevent additional calcification. When using for baking, first coat the sheets with oil. Steel expands when exposed to heat, which results in sticking when colder food comes into contact with the surface, according to Martha Stewart.

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When stainless steel baking sheets get food stuck to their surfaces, they should first be scrubbed with warm water and soap, using only sponges and gentle, nonabrasive cleaners. If that does not work, add boiling water to the pan, then scrape the food particles. The food should come off once the water cools, according to Food Network.

Stainless steel sheets generally heat up quickly, as they are good heat conductors. If they start burning food, reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees or shorten the cooking time, says Martha Stewart.

When heating the water for a salt treatment, salt should not be added until the water boils. Otherwise, a reaction may occur between the salt and oxygen in the air that causes pitting, which is a type of rust that creates unsightly grooves on the baking sheet's surface. Pans should only be stored when dry, as they are prone to rust.

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