What Are Some Tips for Using a Samsung VRT Washer?

What Are Some Tips for Using a Samsung VRT Washer?

If you accidentally select the wrong cycle on a VRT washer, the machine lets you change the cycle. Changing the cycle earlier on saves time, as the tub does not need to drain as much water. Press the Power button to cancel the cycle, and wait for the water to drain. Press Power again to turn the washer back on, and use the cycle selector on the washer's left side to select the desired cycle.

The VRT washer's My Cycle button lets you save custom wash cycles, for example a whites cycle with extra wash and extended spin. The Temp and Spin buttons let you set the wash temperature and spin settings, while the Soil Level button tells the machine how dirty the laundry is.

Use the Signal button to set the volume for the signal that shows when the cycle has finished. The signal can be set to loud, quiet or turned off.

If the machine has an unusual odor after a time, excess suds may be collecting in nooks and crannies. VRT washers have a self-cleaning cycle to help avoid this. Run the machine on the self-cleaning cycle, and clean the door seal. Allow the washer to dry before using it again.

If the load of washing is too wet at the end of the cycle, try using a higher spin speed along with a high-efficiency detergent. Smaller loads may remain wet because they can become unbalanced and fail to spin properly.