What Are Some Tips for Using a PowerShot Stapler?

When using a PowerShot stapler, use 1/4-inch to 9/16-inch staples or 9/16-inch type 13 nails. It is best used for the installation of carpeting, weatherstripping, roof paper, cabling and mesh screens, although it can also be used to secure installation and place nails into moldings.

To load the PowerShot stapler with staples, turn the staple gun horizontally, and point the bottom in the opposite direction. Push the track release button under the stapler's curve away to release the button and remove the track. Flip the stapler so the bottom faces upward, and place the staples in the chamber, ensuring that they point toward the stapler's bottom. Put the track back on, and listen for the release button to click into place.

Loading the PowerShot stapler with nails is a similar process but slightly more difficult. Position the stapler in a similar manner as when loading staples, and push the track release button. Take out the track, and turn the stapler so the bottom faces upwards but away. Carefully load the nails only into the right side of the chamber. Make sure the tip of each nail is pointing out of the stapler before putting the track back in and listening for the release button's click.