What Are Some Tips for Using Faux Stone Panels?


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Installation tips for faux stone panels include using sample pieces before deciding on a style, temporarily putting panels in place, starting with the corners first, working from left to right, and using chalk lines. Maintenance tips include power washing exterior panels once a year, washing interior panels with soap and water, and scrubbing with a soft-bristle brush.

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Due to their lightweight nature, faux stone panels can be installed quite easily, making them a great option for DIY-ers. Some companies offer the use of samples to help with deciding which style is desired. Prior to permanent installation, it is recommended that the panels be leaned against the walls to determine the number of panels needed and to see where the cuts need to be made. Because the panels are manufactured from left to right, installation should also occur from left to right, starting with a corner. Using chalk lines ensures that the panels line up properly.

Because faux stone panels are made from a nonporous polyurethane, they are not prone to mold and stains the same way that wood or grout can be. This allows for easy cleaning. If the panels are used on exterior walls, annual power washing is recommended. For interior panels, only a mild detergent or soap and water should be used for cleaning. Due to their abrasiveness, chemical cleaning products are not recommended; for tougher grime, the panels can be scrubbed with a soft-bristle brush. After cleaning, a soft dry towel can be used to prevent watermarks.

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