What Are Some Tips on Using Downy to Remove Wallpaper?

What Are Some Tips on Using Downy to Remove Wallpaper?

Some tips for using Downy fabric softener to remove wallpaper include using hot water and allowing the mixture to soak for a while before scraping and removing the glue as well as the wallpaper. Stripping and priming the wallpaper beforehand and using an adequate amount of Downy fabric softener also make the process more effective.

Hot water helps in dissolving the wallpaper glue. To ensure the glue dissolves, mix small portions of the hot water and Downy solution in a spray bottle and refill as needed.

Allowing the solution to soak for 20 minutes softens the wallpaper and glue, making it easier to scrape off. Use a sponge or paint roller to soak the surface evenly.

Once the wall has soaked, scrape off the wallpaper along with the glue using a paint spatula. Removing the glue makes it possible to repaint the wall without leaving unsightly bumps.

To prepare the wall for soaking, try stripping off as much of the wallpaper as possible, leaving only the stubborn layers. Priming the remaining wallpaper by cutting crisscross patterns on it with a utility knife allows the Downy solution to seep underneath and dissolve the glue.

A stronger fabric softener solution is likely to dissolve more glue and result in a cleaner job. A solution of one part Downy to one part water is recommended.