What Are Some Tips for Using Composite Deck Sealer?


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Composite decks require cleaning before using a sealer, and the sealer should be brushed into the composite material. Once the sealer is applied, any excess should be wiped off, and the deck should be given time to cure before it is used.

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Composite decks can accumulate stains, mold and mildew spots over time. Proper cleaning of the spots before using a sealer is essential to achieve an attractive surface. Cleaners specifically designed for cleaning composite decking are the best choice since bleach products can kill surrounding plants and vegetation and may not completely remove mildew spores. The use of a power washer speeds up the cleaning process.

Though using a roller or sprayer is the quickest way to apply the sealer, a brush should be used to work the sealer into the decking. This works the sealer into the pores of the wood and makes the application last longer. Using a rag to wipe off excess sealer improves the look of the deck, preventing shiny spots that flake and peel over time.

Composite deck sealer needs time to cure once it has been applied. Blocking off the deck to foot traffic and waiting to reposition furniture and other deck accessories give the best results.

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