What Are Some Tips for Troubleshooting Water Meter Problems?


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Tips for troubleshooting water meter problems include ensuring the flow indicator is operating properly and ruling out a water leak by turning off all water within the home and then inspecting the meter. Air pressure within the piping system may lead to water meter issues such as erroneous metering and even damage to the internal meter components. Other troubleshooting tips include ensuring the meter is appropriate for the plumbing system and ensuring improper installation is not causing any problems.

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Common water meter issues may become very costly if the source of the problem is not found and addressed quickly. Failing to read the water meter correctly accounts for the vast majority of water meter problems. Knowing the right way to read a water meter is essential for locating water leaks, reducing water consumption and accurately monitoring water usage.

Improper installation is the cause of many common meter problems. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines to find the correct installation procedures and inspect the meter for any obvious signs of improper installation. Meters that are incorrectly sized may also create problems such as erroneous and inaccurate readings. Consult with the water meter manufacturer or a utility provider in order to ensure that the installed water meter is appropriate for measuring household consumption and use.

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