What Are Some Tips for Troubleshooting a Two-Stroke Engine?


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Troubleshoot a two-stroke engine by checking for problems in the fuel system, ignition system and compression system. Start by examining the fuel system, followed by the ignition system and then the compression system.

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Confirm that the tank and the fuel lines are in a good condition before checking the fuel system. Spray a starter fluid directly in the air intake of the carburettor and pull the starter rope to see if the engine starts. If the engine fires up and then stops, the carburettor might be defective.

If the fuel system is working correctly, examine the ignition system. Gain access to the ignition system by removing the top cover. First, try changing the spark plug before using a spark plug tester to test the ignition coil. The ignition coil is located in the middle of spark plug and the spark plug wire boot. Replace the ignition coil if there are no sparks on the spark tester window.

If there are no issues in the ignition system, inspect the compression system. Start by untightening the spark plug and then fixing it firmly with a compression tester. Get the accurate compression readings by pulling the starter rope a number of times. The reading should range approximately between 90 to 110 psi. If the readings are lower than 70 psi, replace the piston ring.

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