What Are Some Tips for Troubleshooting Hunter Fans?


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To troubleshoot a Hunter fan, you must identify the specific problem. Some common problems with Hunter fans include motor defects, failure of the fan to work and failure of the light. Other problems include humming noise, speed failure and failure of the fan to function on its own.

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A faulty motor is caused by faulty ball bearings and lack of lubrication. To resolve mortar problems, replace old ball bearings and perform an oil-bath lubrication. Check the motor casing to ensure it is within the required dimension and tolerance levels. A faulty switch or capacitor or an error in installation can cause failure of the fan to work after installation. Replacing the switch and the capacitor as well as ensuring that the fan is correctly installed can help to resolve this.

A faulty light switch can cause failure of the light to work on installation and replacing the light switch can resolve this problem. Shaking of the fan can be caused by a loose screw or a dusty fan blade and to eliminate this, tighten any loose screws, clean all dirt and debris from all fan blades and confirm that the outlet box is securely attached. A loose screw, a cracked blade, or low levels of oil can cause the fan to be noisy. Tightening any loose screw, filling the oil to the recommended level and replacing the cracked blades can rectify this problem.

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