What Are Some Tips for Troubleshooting a Doorbell?


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A broken doorbell can be a result of several causes, including wiring problems or a faulty chime, button or transformer. Troubleshooting a doorbell system successfully requires knowing the exact problem and having the right tools and materials, according to The Family Handyman. Knowing the problem makes it easy to repair a faulty doorbell.

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A common cause of a faulty doorbell is damaged wires, which requires a check for breakages or loose ends and creating new connections. Many times there isn't enough wire to create these new connections, so have extra 18-gauge wire on hand. Use a small section of this wire to connect two split ends.

To detect a faulty button, remove the button and disconnect the two wires that make it chime. Connect the two loose wires and see whether the bell rings. If it does, the button is bad and needs replacement; however, if there is no sound, then the culprit is the chime, wiring or the transformer.

The right tools form an essential part of a successful doorbell troubleshooting exercise. A screwdriver helps loosen and remove screws in the doorbell. A low voltage tester helps check whether the chime and the transformer are working properly. Other essential tools include electrical tape, a flashlight and wire cutters, while required materials include a spool of 18-gauge wire and wire connectors.

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