What Are Some Tips for Troubleshooting a Door?


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Tips for troubleshooting a door include ensuring jabs, hinges and latches are properly installed and in good working order and ensuring the strike plate is correctly positioned. Doors that are sagging or out of alignment may be hitting the strike plate too low preventing them from properly latching. Lubricating door hardware is another helpful step when troubleshooting common door problems.

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Ruling out a misaligned door latch is often an important step when troubleshooting door problems. For latches that do not catch, close the door slowly while performing a visual inspection of the latch bolt. Bolts positioned above, below or to either side of the strike plate may require the door to be adjusted. If the latch is unable to reach the strike plate, shim out the plate or install a new strike plate. Shimming the door's hinges is another option if the latch is still unable to reach.

Another common problem is doors that stick or become difficult to open. When troubleshooting a stuck door, inspect the door to ensure it is not rubbing against the top of the head jamb. Paint or signs of wear on the jam are typical signs that rubbing is occurring. Trim doors that are rubbing with the jamb to ensure a proper fit.

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