What Are Some Tips for Trimming Trees and Shrubs?


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When trimming trees and shrubs, get the right equipment, know the best time to trim and always make the cut close to where the branch begins from the main limb. Remove dead or diseased branches and branches that are entangled or thick, which can cause other branches injury over time.

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Use the proper equipment to get the right results while trimming. A set of hand held pruning shears, hedge shears, long-handled lopping shears and a pruning saw are required at a minimum. Understand its growth habit before trimming a shrub or a tree. It is ideal to start trimming just before new growth resumes for the year, or to wait until after the flowering season is over before trimming.

Apart from dead and diseased wood, remove soft top shoots and underdeveloped buds and seed stems. Avoid damaging tree branches by using the three-cut method to progressively eliminate the weight of the branch before making the final cut to sever it. Trim with restraint if the trimming is done close to winter. Some shrubs and trees suffer frost damage during winter, and if excess trimming is done prior to this, there is little or no freedom to correct it in spring.

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