What Are Some Tips for Transplanting Shrubs?


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Some tips for transplanting shrubs include placing it in a suitable location for the type of plant, digging the new hole before uncovering the plant's roots and properly removing the shrub to be transplanted from its current home. This proper removal includes digging a trench 3 feet or further from the base of the plant and removing the rootball, a combination of roots and dirt.

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Before digging up the shrub or digging a new hole, make sure that the new location works for the plant. While some shrubs need partial sun, others require full sun to grow properly. Make sure the soil is well-drained or thick, depending on the plant's preference. To improve drainage, add sand or compost, and work it several inches into the soil.

Dig the new hole as deep as the shrub's rootball and twice as wide. Avoid breaking up the soil at the bottom of the hole to prevent the newly planted shrub from sinking into the loose soil. Dig up the shrub's rootball, getting as much as the roots and soil as possible and cutting off any longer roots with a sharp blade. Place the shrub on a tarp to transfer it to its new home.

Move the shrub from the tarp to the hole, and fill in the hole with the soil. Make sure to press the soil down thoroughly, and form a basin with the dirt around the plant to hold water. Water the plant well, and add a thick layer of mulch to the ground.

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