What Are Some Tips Through the Home Depot Garden Club?


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The Home Depot Garden Club offers tips on many topics, including how to grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, succulents and other plants in specific United States Department of Agriculture hardiness zones, lawn maintenance, care of trees to keep them healthy and edible gardening. The tips by region page is a very useful resource provided by Home Depot Garden Club for gardeners.

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On this page, gardeners can click on a map and get specific tips for their region in the United States. Some regions on this map are New England, South Florida and the coastal and tropical South. Some tips for gardeners in New England are to tidy up backyards and landscape in the beginning of the fall months. This should include trimming plants and around trees and garden borders. The fall is also time to add mulch. For this region, another tip is that the early fall is the time of year to start an edible garden that features salad vegetables, such as lettuce, radishes and baby spinach.

For gardeners in South Florida, a tip is to place colorful containers with flowers or other plants in any areas of a garden that have bare spots. Gardeners in the coastal South region may find the tip on palm tree care useful. The tip is to use appropriate fertilizers to ensure that palm trees are not deficient in certain nutrients, such as potassium, manganese, boron and nitrogen. Similarly, there are many other tips for regions, such as the Midwest and Southwest. Gardeners can get personalized tips by entering their ZIP codes on the tips by region page or they can ask a question and get advice from an expert.

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