What Are Some Tips for Taking Care of Orchids?


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To care for an orchid, water the plant every five to 12 days, and fertilize it once weekly during the growing season. Place the orchid in a southern-facing window so it receives bright, indirect light, and move the plant away from the window if the leaves develop black spots. Repot orchids annually using a recommended growing medium, such as moistened bark. Repot newly purchased orchids immediately if the growing medium appears old or is poor quality.

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After the flower blooms and dies, cut the flower off at the node to force a second bloom. If the plant is very young and resists blooming, cut the stem down to the base of the plant to force blooming. To force a first bloom, place the orchid on a humidity grid, and lower the room temperature by 10 to 15 degrees at night.

When fertilizing orchids, opt for a fertilizer specifically designed for orchids, and use water to dilute the fertilizer to one-half the recommended strength before applying it to the plant.

Because different species of orchid have unique requirements, to care for the plant properly, learn about the specific species you are growing. Typically, orchids thrive when the environment is similar to its native habitat. Choose a hybrid variety for the easiest-to-grow orchid.

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