What Are Some Tips for Taking Care of an Orchid Tree?

tips-taking-care-orchid-tree Credit: Sarah Sammis/CC-BY 2.0

Tips for taking care of an orchid tree, also known as the Hong Kong orchid tree or Bauhinia blakeana, include making sure the orchid tree has lots of sun and pruning the tree regularly in the winter. Also, the orchid tree should be protected from pests and diseases.

Pests that commonly afflict the orchid tree include borers, caterpillars and mites. Diseases that can afflict the orchid tree include leaf scorch and leaf spot. When pruning the orchid tree, methods such as cutting, air layering and grafts should be used to promote optimal growth.

Orchid trees are medium-to-large ornamental trees that come from tropical regions of the world. Orchid trees make good ornamental plants due to their flowers and can be small enough to fit in a pot on a patio. Depending on the species, the flowers of the orchid tree can bloom in many different colors, including white, pink, lavender, red and orange. However, it can take up to two years after an orchid tree is planted for its flowers to bloom. Orchid trees are part of the fabaceae family and reproduce with pods.When the pods of an orchid tree are ripe, the pods split open, and its seeds fall out onto the soil to germinate on their own.