What Are Some Tips for Taking Care of Indoor Succulent Plants?

Tips for taking care of indoor succulent plants include keeping the air dry, keeping the room bright, giving them lots of space and repotting plants regularly, according to Gardenista.com. It can also help to plant succulent varieties that do better indoors.

Succulents hail from drier climates, so lots of humidity in the air tends to weaken them. Moisture also tends to encourage pests such as spider mites. Gardeners living in humid spaces should water their plants less frequently to keep the moisture levels lower. Water plants once a week or so during the spring and summer, allowing the soil to dry out between watering. In fall and winter, water plants less frequently.

Most succulent plants like plenty of light, but most do not like too much direct sunlight. Keep succulents in bright areas of the home that do not receive too much direct light. If the leaves start to look yellowed or bleached, try moving the plant to an area with slightly less light. If the plant twists toward light sources, try moving it closer to the light.

Leaving space in between succulent plants allows air to circulate around the plants. It also allows all of the plants to receive lots of light.

Fresh soil can help add nutrients to potted plants and allows root systems to grow. Succulents do well when they receive a new home every year. Use a soil mixture designed for cacti or succulents or make a mix using one part compost, one part sand and one part grit such as pumice or gravel.

Some kinds of succulents do better indoors than others. Generally, greener plants can tolerate indoor environments better than colored varieties can.