What Are Some Tips for Successful Underground Living?


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One secret of underground living is to build the house with materials that work well with the weather in the area, so that the home stays cool in a warm climate or heats efficiently in a cold climate. It is helpful to make sure that as little of the home as possible touches the ground level, because less exposure to changing temperatures results in lower utility costs.

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Another secret to underground living is to utilize above-ground space for landscaping. Plants or other greenery can sit atop an underground home to create a unique visual effect or grow food to eat. Alternatively, in a cold climate, large open windows or solar panels on top of the underground home work to trap and produce heat and energy that lower utility costs and keep the house warm.

A secret to living underground is to use a traditional electric thermostat when natural heating and cooling does not produce an optimal temperature. Gas heat is not safe to use underground because the underground architecture does not allow for enough ventilation. In the summer, it helps to use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity, because an underground home usually does not have side windows for natural ventilation.

To maximize efficiency and building ease, many builders design underground homes to fit naturally into the landscape of the building site. That is, if the hill or mountain curves, so does the house. An example of this is in the curved underground homes of Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse in Switzerland. Building with mother nature's framework makes building logistically easier, and it maximizes the home's aesthetic appeal and natural insulation.

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