What Are Some Tips to Have a Successful Garden?


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Some tips for growing a successful garden includes choosing a garden spot with adequate sunlight, filling the garden with rich soil, following crop rotation practices and knowing when to plant the seeds. It is also important to choose vegetables that are recommended for the geographic location of the garden as different climates affect vegetable growth.

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For first-time gardeners, it can be best to choose plants that are considered easy to grow, such as leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, corn, bush green beans, peas, radishes and green bell peppers. When it comes to choosing a spot for the garden, it is recommended that the spot receive more than seven hours of sunlight each day. The spot should also have rich soil so that the plants will grow better. If the garden does not naturally have rich soil, gardeners should create a framed garden bed on the property, which can then be filled with purchased soil.

Crop rotation is a necessary practice for creating a great garden. Each year, gardens should switch out different crops and move them to new locations in the garden bed. This helps ensure that diseases do not reach the crops. Another important tip involves knowing when to plant crops. Too many gardeners are not aware of the frost dates each year and are not aware of when the crops should be planted in relation to the frost dates. This can kill plants prematurely.

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