What Are Some Tips for Stripping Wallpaper?


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Using a concentrated solution that softens the wallpaper backing, preparing all necessary tools before starting the wallpaper removal job, covering the floor with plastic sheets or drop cloths, and testing a tiny portion of the wall are good tips for stripping wallpaper. If it's hard to remove the wallpaper, experts recommend spraying the concentrated solution on stubborn areas several times.

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Concentrated removal solutions for stripping wallpaper are available at home-improvement stores, and they work well when mixed with hot water. Preparation tools include broad knives with lengths up to 6 inches, a 2-gallon plastic pump or another garden sprayer, and a ladder.

Testing a small part of the wall allows homeowners to identify the type of grain, letting them know whether to strip the wallpaper upward, downward or to the right side. After spraying the concentrated solution where needed, the next steps are to remove the wallpaper by hand and use a broad knife to scrape off the remaining wallpaper backing.

Experts suggest removing wallpaper one at a time to avoid damaging the wall. After taking off the wallpaper and backing, homeowners may spray the concentrated solution on areas with wallpaper bits and scrape off remaining patches. The last step is to use a damp sponge to clean the wall and then leave the wall to dry for several days before applying a new wallpaper.

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